This is a positive place for members in North Carolina homeowners associations to share ideas and learn about HOA, how to address issues with their HOA and to become involved in reforming the laws of North Carolina to better protect owners from abuse. 

This forum is open to all NC members owning property in a NC HOA.   This may include people from community association Boards, Committees, Volunteers & HOA Professionals who may have a different perspective than you. 

We have a few other rules:

(1) Be courteous to all other members. This includes (but is not limited to) no name calling, no mocking, no personal attacks.

(2)  No foul language.

(3) If referencing a law or other legal resource, please provide a good URL so others can follow. 

(4)  We understand the need to vent, however if ranting appears to be your sole reason for posting to this forum without any attempt to learn how to resolve the issue productively, your ability to post further vents and rants may be restricted.  There are plenty of rant sites for disgruntled HOA members on the internet. 

(5) We do welcome members from other states who are active in reforming their state laws, however keep your comments specific to North Carolina statutes and laws.  What works in Utah isn't applicable to North Carolinians.

(6) No Selling: No solicitation, advertising, or selling of any kind is allowed here, except for occasional announcements from official site sponsors.

(7) No Mention of Community/Company/Person Names: In order to fairly enforce and prevent liability, we do not allow the mentioning of any community name, company name.  Please also do not post the full name of any person.